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CMD: Batch Files

If you just want to know how to make Batch files, scroll to the bottom.   While batch files are not exactly related to CMD, they use similar commands and therefore I’ve put them together. A batch file is like a set of CMD commands that you can save as a file to be run […]

Basic Window Shortcuts

A short article on some basic Windows shortcuts that any PC user should know.   First off, many Windows shortcuts involve the Control key, abbreviated “Ctrl”. These first few shortcuts are well known: Ctrl + S: Saves whatever you are on, e.g. document, webpage, etc. Ctrl + N: Opens a new window. Ctrl + O: […]

Command Prompt: Shutdown Scripts

This article will teach you how to shutdown you computer in [many] different ways using CMD.   The Syntax The command used to shutdown you computer is: shutdown [switches] It is rather simple, but you have to use the following switches: -s Performs shutdown. -t xxx Performs selected action after xxx seconds. -c “comment” Displays […]

Command Prompt: Files

This is a continuation of the CMD tutorial. Read part 1 about looks here, and part 2 about folders here.   1. Moving Files After using “cd” and “dir”, you might need to move adocument from your Desktop to your USB Flash Drive. Here’s how, assuming you are in your Desktop: move filename.ext c:\usb-drive-name Notice, […]