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PHP: Create Your Own CMS Part 3

We have quite a bit so far: Website template Admin directory WYSIWYG editor installed HTML form in Admin directory (Part 1, Part 2) The next thing we’ll do is create a “log” file that holds all the content. We’ll use PHP to get the content, then format it and display it in the website. We […]

PHP: Image Generator

Disclaimer: This script is NOT perfect! It needs a LOT of work! Anyways, this is a simple script that will allow you to create your own image generator in PHP. If you don’t know what this is, search it on Google.   We will ultimately have four files for this project, and it will be […]

Animated GIFs in Fireworks

This tutorial will teach you how to create animated GIF images in Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks.   In this tutorial, we will assume that your GIF is to be a plane flying from left to right. First, open Fireworks and create a new document the size that you want your GIF to be.   Draw the base […]

WordPress: Removing your Sidebar

This blog’s old theme used to have no sidebar. While some themes provide options to have 1, 2, or no sidebar, many do not. Therefore, this simple tutorial will teach you how to edit your theme’s files and remove the sidebar. Back up your theme’s files before going through this tutorial. First, go to your […]

Command Prompt: Folders

To the code! Finally! Now you’re ready to learn CMD. You can read the first part about looks here. 1. Changing Folders When you open CMD, you’ll probably see this first… Microsoft Windows [Version x.x.xxxx] Copyright (c) xxxx Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\Your-User-Name> …or something like that.   To change the folder after C:\, […]