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PHP: Chatbox Part 2

Read Part 1.   Now we need to write the submitted message to a log so everyone can see it. First of all, simply create the file “log.txt”.   Since our form is on the top, we want the most recent messages on top. To do this, we have to do three things. The first […]

Clocks – Time Button

A script that shows (dynamically) how long your visitor has been on this page. Clicking the button displays various bits of information such as: Time since [chosen date] Time spent on page in milliseconds Time spent on page in minutes and seconds The script is highly customizable, so you can include anything you want. Get […]

Clocks – Basic

Starting today I’ll be releasing a short series of clocks. These will be embeddable clocks that you can place anywhere on any page, thanks to Javascript. This first one is rather simple. It just tells you the time and pm/am. Download at the downloads page.