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CSS: Rollover Fade

This short tutorial will teach you how to create a rollover color change/fade effect for your text. An great example of this would be our site title. Here’s the code: #myFade { color: #000000; -moz-transition: color 0.3s ease;   /* Firefox 4+ */ -o-transition: color 0.3s ease;  /* Opera 10.5+ */ -webkit-transition: color 0.3s ease;  /* […]

WordPress: Adding Custom Buttons to the Visual Editor

My Added Buttons

I use this self-made feature while writing my posts – I have four buttons on a third row in my visual editor that add sourcecode tags to selected content: (HTML, JavaSript, PHP, and ActionScript) Where to Place Code All of the following code (except for the bonus step) must be placed in a functions.php file. You have […]

Photoshop: Charred Text Effect

The Result

Like it? Let’s get started. First, we used a backdrop from this tutorial. Next, simply type your text on top in an old-looking font. We used this font, available for download: OblivionFont The great part about this PSD tut is that the text isn’t rasterized. This means you can easily change it. This also means […]