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Clocks – Basic

Starting today I’ll be releasing a short series of clocks. These will be embeddable clocks that you can place anywhere on any page, thanks to Javascript. This first one is rather simple. It just tells you the time and pm/am. Download at the downloads page.

Automatic Redirect in Javascript

This is a simple Javascript that will, upon loading the <head> tags, refresh (redirect) your users to another webpage. The script can also be used to refresh the webpage, say every 5 seconds. Place this ONE line of code in your <head> tags: <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”N; url=X”> N = seconds till redirect X = URL […]

Basic Applescript Applications

I was cleaning up my Mac when I noticed a handy little guy called the Script Editor. Turns out, Apple made their own programming language known as “AppleScript.” Well, I use AppleScript for a lot of things now. Let me show you some of them. First off, you should know that Applescript is designed to […]

Flash: Basic Buttons

Buttons are the essence of creating Flash games. Here you’ll learn how to make them. First, draw what you want your button to look like in your game. Be it text, a square, or an intricate shape, this is what your players will see.   Right-click your button shape and convert in to a symbol. […]