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Reflex is a set of mobile ONLY games that test your reflexes through fun games. Check them out:   Reflex Reflex 2 Reflex 3   The games use JS and a little bit of PHP, but basic functions in both.

Image 2 ASCII

Image 2 ASCII converts any image of filetype (gif, jpg, or png) to ASCII text. You can choose the scale and resolution of the ASCIIfyed picture. Visit at: http://scyberia.org/utilities/img2ascii   This feature can be extremely useful if you’d like to post an image where image embedding is not allowed. Just convert the image to text […]

Matrix Animation

This is a small application that will create a sick matrix animation for any string. There are two ways to enter your string: Go to [http://scyberia.org/utilities/matrix/?] in your browser and add your string at the end. Indicate spaces by underscores (_). Go to [http://scyberia.org/utilities/matrix/] and enter your string in the form.   Watch the letters […]


Another feature of Scyberia, MyIP is a simple IP look-up service. Simply go to the webpage and there it is!   http://myip.scyberia.tk/   As always, I will release the script on the downloads page soon. Update (Sep 4): I’m working on a script that will show more information about the user…I’ll let you know when […]