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PHP: Password Protect

This simple page of PHP can do a great deal of help when trying to protect pages from unwanted visitors. Just download the zip file at the downloads page and follow the README instructions. You should be good to go in a matter of minutes! We don’t have a working example…if you’d like you can […]

Dead Pixel Test

A new feature of Scyberia, the dead pixel test! This is most likely the easiest way to see if your screen has any dead pixels. Find out more at the website: http://scyberia.tk/utilities/deadpxl/ The script will be available for download in a few days. Update (Sep 16): Script is available for download on the downloads page.

Link Harvester

Link Harvester is a one-page PHP script that literally harvests the links from a webpage. This means that all outgoing links from the webpage will be displayed to you. The script also tells you whether the link is internal (leading to a website inside the same domain), or external (leading to another domain). The script […]

Desktop Icon Switcher

An Applescript to toggle desktop icons on your Mac – amazing! This application simply shows or hides the icons – YOUR FILES ARE NOT DELETED! Download the application at this link, or download the script at the downloads page.

Simple Website Status Checker

Here’s a simple website status checking script – simply enter the domain, e.g. scyberia.tk, and you’ll find out whether the website is up or down! Use this service whenever the website you are trying to visit doesn’t work and you want to see whether it’s just you or the website is actually down. Click here […]