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Forms in HTML

Contact forms are easy ways to let your visitors let you know how they feel about your website. We don’t have an example form, but you can use our TryIt editor to quickly and easily create your own.   Creating the Form We use the <form> tags to create our form: <form> //Stuff here </form> […]

PHP: Password Protect

This simple page of PHP can do a great deal of help when trying to protect pages from unwanted visitors. Just download the zip file at the downloads page and follow the README instructions. You should be good to go in a matter of minutes! We don’t have a working example…if you’d like you can […]

A Simple Script to Password Protect Webpages

CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO Here’s an extremely simple script that will allow you to password protect pages. It’s mobile-friendly too! This script is placed in the tags, but some content may show without the password being entered since this is a pop-up script. Place the following code in your <head> tags: <script> <!– BEGIN […]