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PHP: Create Your Own CMS Part 3

We have quite a bit so far: Website template Admin directory WYSIWYG editor installed HTML form in Admin directory (Part 1, Part 2) The next thing we’ll do is create a “log” file that holds all the content. We’ll use PHP to get the content, then format it and display it in the website. We […]

Terminal: Folder Commands

This is a tutorial similar to the one for CMD. Take a look at some useful Terminal scripts here. 1. Navigating Folders To move through folders, use the “cd” command: cd Desktop/myfolder This will navigate from you root folder (“Username”) to a folder called “myfolder” on your Desktop. If you have a folder with a […]

Website Creation: Part 3

Okay. So you’ve registered your host and domain/subdomain, decided what your website will be, set up nameservers, and you’re ready to go! (If you haven’t, you can read part 1 and part 2.) Great. Read this article and you’ll learn about PHP, how to setup MySQL databases, and much more.   Many of the CMS […]

Website Creation: Part 1

This is just the beginning! You’ve decided that you want to make your own website, and maybe make it as good as Scyberia. There are many steps to this, and, as you can see, this is only Part 1. But, if you read these tutorials carefully, you’ll have your website up and running in no […]