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Mac: Using [Tab] in System Windows

What's the difference between the blue outline and the blue fill?

Ever get confused by something like this on your Mac?   Also, pressing the [Tab] key cycles the outline through all available options. The outlined option or button can be “pushed” by pressing [Spacebar], and the filled option/button can be “pushed” by pressing [Enter]. In the above example, pressing [Spacebar] would not empty the trash, while […]

Photoshop: Open in 32-bit Mode [Mac]

If you haven’t yet noticed, there are many filters and effects that aren’t available in Photoshop CS5 for Mac. This is because the program, by default, opens in 64-bit mode, where these effects are not supported. To use these effects, we need to open Photoshop in 32-bit mode.   Open your applications folder. Navigate to […]

Mac: Changing App Icons

  Did you know you can change the icon: of any app you want? It’s actually rather easy. For our example, we are going to export our Flash Pong Game in a Mac projector: Go to File > Publish Settings: You’ll get something like this: Wow – that’s ugly!     So let’s change it. […]

Unknown Mac Shortcuts

This article will tell you about a lot of stuff you probably didn’t know Macs had. Windows guy? Check out this article.   Screen Capture To take a picture of your whole screen and save it to Desktop, use: Command + Shift + 3 To take a picture of a selected area, use: Command + […]

Creating Disk Images (Mac)

If you’ve written any type of application and tried to put it up for download, you probably want to make it a Disk Image. This provides for an easy installation and has many more benefits.   Find out how to make a Disk Image in two ways.   Disk Utility Disk Utility is a native […]