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New Utility: Reverse Color Lookup

This is a great utility to use when reverse engineering themes and styles. I’m sure that very few people know how a hex color code looks without testing it, and that’s what this utility is for. Simply type in the color code and view the effect! Visit the utility.

IP Utility

I have condensed the code for MyIP and moved it from its folder to a single PHP page. The new utility can be visited here: http://scyberia.org/utilities/ip.php and from now on will be called IP Utility.

WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS can be useful information when trying to contact website admins and the such. Thus, you’ll need a tool to find this information. Of course, you can use a public one, but why not just use your own? This is a one-page PHP WHOIS lookup script that shows you all whois information for TLDs (Top-Level […]


Another feature of Scyberia, MyIP is a simple IP look-up service. Simply go to the webpage and there it is!   http://myip.scyberia.tk/   As always, I will release the script on the downloads page soon. Update (Sep 4): I’m working on a script that will show more information about the user…I’ll let you know when […]