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JS: Expandable/Collapsible DIV

Sometimes, you’re building that website that you know has just too much stuff for it to look good. A good example of this is our code generators page: http://scyberia.org/utilities/gen.php Without the effect it uses, the page would be way too cluttered to be understandable. Notice how whichever link you click opens up the <div> tag […]

Google Bookmarklet

I’ve written two bookmarklets that you can use to search Google on-the-go. The first prompts you for text, then searches Google for the entered text. To use this bookmarklet, drag the below link to your bookmarks bar: Google Search The second bookmarklet searches Google for the text you have selected on the page. Same instructions […]

HTML: Linking Outside an iFrame

If you create a website that uses iFrames, or use iFrames for any other reason, you will sometimes come across a time when you need a link inside the iFrame to link outside the iFrame. To begin with, a regular link: <a href=”http://scyberia.org/”>Scyberia</a> doesn’t work because it goes to Scyberia inside the iFrame.   Take […]

HTML: Linking to Stylesheets

Let’s say I have a webpage called: page.html and a CSS file for the webpage called: style.css How do I link them?   With this line of code, placed in the <head> tags: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css” type=”text/css”> If the stylesheet is in another directory do this: href=”http://mysite.com/folder/style.css”   It’s that easy!