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PHP: Chatbox Part 1

Call it a chatbox, chatroom, shoutbox, or whatever, these things are interesting items to put in your website sidebar or such. This tutorial give you a complete guide on creating you own chatbox with just 4 files. All of the code will be explained, so you can modify it however you want! If you don’t […]

PHP: POST to iFrame

Let’s say I want to make a form that, when submitted, posts the information to an iFrame on the same page. This is a simple task. Just do the following:   1.   Use these <form> tags: <form target=”iframe” method=”post” action=”yourfilename.php”> </form>   2.  Put this in your <iframe> tags: <iframe name=”iframe” id=”iframe” ….></iframe> The “….” […]

HTML: Linking Outside an iFrame

If you create a website that uses iFrames, or use iFrames for any other reason, you will sometimes come across a time when you need a link inside the iFrame to link outside the iFrame. To begin with, a regular link: <a href=”http://scyberia.org/”>Scyberia</a> doesn’t work because it goes to Scyberia inside the iFrame.   Take […]

Code Generators

I’ve written a set of [so far] 3 code generators that you can use when you are embedding images and flash videos or creating iFrames. The generators can be found at: http://scyberia.org/utilities/gen.php   Enjoy, and hopefully you won’t have to remember all those stinking codes!

CSS: Hiding iFrame Content

There will be some times when you want to iFrame a website but you don’t want all their tall header images and sidebar contents. These two CSS snippets will allow you to cover up any part of a website in an iFrame.   First, we create a container for the iFrame which covers up certain […]