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Using Percents in HTML

Using percents in HTML is an easy way to ensure that your content isn’t too large or small for your visitor. Objects that have percent sizes resize themselves with the user’s browser so that smaller screens don’t suffer from large pictures and vice versa. To make an image resizeable, for example, you would use this […]

PHP: Comments Form and Display

This quick tut will show you how to create a comments system for your website. Let’s pretend we have a page of text, and, at the bottom, we have a form and your comments.   Create a file called “comments.php”. If you would like the form to be directly on your website and not an […]

PHP: Create Your Own CMS Part 3

We have quite a bit so far: Website template Admin directory WYSIWYG editor installed HTML form in Admin directory (Part 1, Part 2) The next thing we’ll do is create a “log” file that holds all the content. We’ll use PHP to get the content, then format it and display it in the website. We […]

HTML: Linking to Stylesheets

Let’s say I have a webpage called: page.html and a CSS file for the webpage called: style.css How do I link them?   With this line of code, placed in the <head> tags: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css” type=”text/css”> If the stylesheet is in another directory do this: href=”http://mysite.com/folder/style.css”   It’s that easy!