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JS: Expandable/Collapsible DIV

Sometimes, you’re building that website that you know has just too much stuff for it to look good. A good example of this is our code generators page: http://scyberia.org/utilities/gen.php Without the effect it uses, the page would be way too cluttered to be understandable. Notice how whichever link you click opens up the <div> tag […]

CSS: Hiding iFrame Content

There will be some times when you want to iFrame a website but you don’t want all their tall header images and sidebar contents. These two CSS snippets will allow you to cover up any part of a website in an iFrame.   First, we create a container for the iFrame which covers up certain […]

Desktop Icon Switcher

An Applescript to toggle desktop icons on your Mac – amazing! This application simply shows or hides the icons – YOUR FILES ARE NOT DELETED! Download the application at this link, or download the script at the downloads page.

Basic Applescript Applications

I was cleaning up my Mac when I noticed a handy little guy called the Script Editor. Turns out, Apple made their own programming language known as “AppleScript.” Well, I use AppleScript for a lot of things now. Let me show you some of them. First off, you should know that Applescript is designed to […]