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PHP: POST to iFrame

Let’s say I want to make a form that, when submitted, posts the information to an iFrame on the same page. This is a simple task. Just do the following:   1.   Use these <form> tags: <form target=”iframe” method=”post” action=”yourfilename.php”> </form>   2.  Put this in your <iframe> tags: <iframe name=”iframe” id=”iframe” ….></iframe> The “….” […]

PHP: Comments Form and Display

This quick tut will show you how to create a comments system for your website. Let’s pretend we have a page of text, and, at the bottom, we have a form and your comments.   Create a file called “comments.php”. If you would like the form to be directly on your website and not an […]

PHP: Writing Files

Update: I found a function (file_put_contents) that does the below work for us: file_put_contents($filename, $data, $flags); If you need more info, look the function up on PHP.net.     Let’s say we have a form that submits the inputted info to a PHP page. Instead of emailing the info to us, we want to write […]

PHP: Create Your Own CMS Part 2

Okay. So you have the following things so far: Website template Admin directory WYSIWYG editor If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read Part 1. Make sure you’ve installed everything properly. For example, nicEdit requires you to keep its .js file outside the directory you’re using it in. This means you need to upload […]

PHP: Mailer Form Part 1

This first part will be easy to understand if you’ve read this post.   The first thing we’ll need in this mailer is, of course, the form itself. Let’s add our <form> tags with a bit of a twist: <form method=”post” action=”mailer.php”> //Code </form> What we’ve done here is set the form to “post” the […]