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Photoshop: Charred Text Effect

The Result

Like it? Let’s get started. First, we used a backdrop from this tutorial. Next, simply type your text on top in an old-looking font. We used this font, available for download: OblivionFont The great part about this PSD tut is that the text isn’t rasterized. This means you can easily change it. This also means […]

Flash: Shine Effect

Create the Motion Tween

Ever seen forum signatures or other images with a slick shine like below? (Base Image from this tutorial) These are actually very easy to create…just a layer mask and some motion tweening in Flash. Layer Mask First, create your image. You can use any of our Photoshop tutorials (Google logo, glass text), or any you […]

Photoshop: Glass Text Effect

This will be a quick Photoshop tutorial on how to create this:   It’s great for a forum signature or website logo. The best part is, it’s easy to create.   First, a Few Notes Press D, then Alt/Opt + Backspace to quickly set the background of the current layer to black. There will be […]