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HTML: Linking to Further Down in Page

I’m sure you’ve seen links that, when clicked, only take you to a section of a page. They’re extremely popular on Wikipedia. I can’t provide an example here because WordPress doesn’t like it, but you can try out the code on our TryIt editor. They are actually rather simply to make. All you need is […]

Flash: Detecting Key Presses

Detecting key presses is vital for making a Flash gaming since it is one of two ways (mouse) to get user input.   This tutorial will first show you how to detect whether the basic keys are pressed, e.g. up arrow, spacebar. If you want to know how to detect letters, read further.   Essential […]

Text Flipper

A rather useless application, this guy simply flips the text you enter upside down:   Visit the actual page: http://scyberia.tk/utilities/flip.php Script will be released soon on downloads page.

Simple Website Status Checker

Here’s a simple website status checking script – simply enter the domain, e.g. scyberia.tk, and you’ll find out whether the website is up or down! Use this service whenever the website you are trying to visit doesn’t work and you want to see whether it’s just you or the website is actually down. Click here […]