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Using Percents in HTML

Using percents in HTML is an easy way to ensure that your content isn’t too large or small for your visitor. Objects that have percent sizes resize themselves with the user’s browser so that smaller screens don’t suffer from large pictures and vice versa. To make an image resizeable, for example, you would use this […]

JS: Expandable/Collapsible DIV

Sometimes, you’re building that website that you know has just too much stuff for it to look good. A good example of this is our code generators page: http://scyberia.org/utilities/gen.php Without the effect it uses, the page would be way too cluttered to be understandable. Notice how whichever link you click opens up the <div> tag […]

CSS: Hiding iFrame Content

There will be some times when you want to iFrame a website but you don’t want all their tall header images and sidebar contents. These two CSS snippets will allow you to cover up any part of a website in an iFrame.   First, we create a container for the iFrame which covers up certain […]

HTML: Linking to Further Down in Page

I’m sure you’ve seen links that, when clicked, only take you to a section of a page. They’re extremely popular on Wikipedia. I can’t provide an example here because WordPress doesn’t like it, but you can try out the code on our TryIt editor. They are actually rather simply to make. All you need is […]

Centering Content with Tables and Divs

This is a short article on centering content on your webpage. Before reading, here is an example, of what you’ll be able to do: Centered Content Page     The content on the page above is aligned to the left but stays in the center of the window. How? You’ll find out.   First, let’s […]