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New Utility: Reverse Color Lookup

This is a great utility to use when reverse engineering themes and styles. I’m sure that very few people know how a hex color code looks without testing it, and that’s what this utility is for. Simply type in the color code and view the effect! Visit the utility.

Photoshop: Charred Text Effect

The Result

Like it? Let’s get started. First, we used a backdrop from this tutorial. Next, simply type your text on top in an old-looking font. We used this font, available for download: OblivionFont The great part about this PSD tut is that the text isn’t rasterized. This means you can easily change it. This also means […]

NEW! Color Converter

I’ve created a color converter that converts colors from RGB (xxx,xxx,xxx) to hex (#xxxxxx) and vice versa. This has multiple uses: Manipulating colors between HTML and PHP Converting Mac Digital Colormeter colors for Photoshop, Flash, etc. and more, I’m sure you can find them!   You can find the converter here: http://scyberia.org/utilities/color-convert.php   Soon-to-be: tutorial […]