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Code Generators

I’ve written a set of [so far] 3 code generators that you can use when you are embedding images and flash videos or creating iFrames. The generators can be found at: http://scyberia.org/utilities/gen.php   Enjoy, and hopefully you won’t have to remember all those stinking codes!

Clocks – Basic

Starting today I’ll be releasing a short series of clocks. These will be embeddable clocks that you can place anywhere on any page, thanks to Javascript. This first one is rather simple. It just tells you the time and pm/am. Download at the downloads page.

Scyberia TryIt

TryIt is a webapp program that allows you to edit HTML and instantly see the results. Simply type your code on the left side, click the button, and see the result on the right side! Sweet! http://scyberia.tk/utilities/tryit Still thinking about whether to release this script.

Command Prompt: Folders

To the code! Finally! Now you’re ready to learn CMD. You can read the first part about looks here. 1. Changing Folders When you open CMD, you’ll probably see this first… Microsoft Windows [Version x.x.xxxx] Copyright (c) xxxx Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\Your-User-Name> …or something like that.   To change the folder after C:\, […]