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WordPress: Adding Custom Buttons to the Visual Editor

My Added Buttons

I use this self-made feature while writing my posts – I have four buttons on a third row in my visual editor that add sourcecode tags to selected content: (HTML, JavaSript, PHP, and ActionScript) Where to Place Code All of the following code (except for the bonus step) must¬†be placed in a¬†functions.php file. You have […]

Clocks – Time Button

A script that shows (dynamically) how long your visitor has been on this page. Clicking the button displays various bits of information such as: Time since [chosen date] Time spent on page in milliseconds Time spent on page in minutes and seconds The script is highly customizable, so you can include anything you want. Get […]

Flash: Basic Buttons

Buttons are the essence of creating Flash games. Here you’ll learn how to make them. First, draw what you want your button to look like in your game. Be it text, a square, or an intricate shape, this is what your players will see.   Right-click your button shape and convert in to a symbol. […]