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PHP: Chatbox Part 2

Read Part 1.   Now we need to write the submitted message to a log so everyone can see it. First of all, simply create the file “log.txt”.   Since our form is on the top, we want the most recent messages on top. To do this, we have to do three things. The first […]

PHP: Chatbox Part 1

Call it a chatbox, chatroom, shoutbox, or whatever, these things are interesting items to put in your website sidebar or such. This tutorial give you a complete guide on creating you own chatbox with just 4 files. All of the code will be explained, so you can modify it however you want! If you don’t […]

CSS: Boxes and Shadows

A short article on putting boxes around items and including shadows. If you’d like an example of what we’ll be making, it’s below: This is a box filled with text. If you roll over me, a shadow appears…cool! While it is a lame example, this effect is good for eye candy and makes for a […]