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PHP: Retrieving Content from URL

A good example of this would be the Matrix Animation. This tutorial will teach you how to: a) Get the current URL of the page in PHP. b) Use URLs to get info from users.   In the Matrix Animation, I used PHP to first get the URL, then parse it so that I can […]

Matrix Animation

This is a small application that will create a sick matrix animation for any string. There are two ways to enter your string: Go to [http://scyberia.org/utilities/matrix/?] in your browser and add your string at the end. Indicate spaces by underscores (_). Go to [http://scyberia.org/utilities/matrix/] and enter your string in the form.   Watch the letters […]

Flash: FPS

FPS, or “frames per second” is the most valuable option available for Flash users. Changing the FPS can be the difference between the following: FPS = 12 (default)   FPS = 31 (my favorite)   As you can see, a higher FPS is clearly a better choice in terms of animation and effects. The only […]

Hypnotizing Tile

This is a simple gif animation that becomes hypnotizing when presented in this form. You can see this “tile” animation at the following link, or below as an iframe. Link to the tile page. iFrame (see it fullscreen at the above link)