Changing Brightness in Windows 7 on a Mac (Bootcamp)

I’ve had this problem for a while but I recently found a solution. If you’ve installed Windows 7 on your Mac through Bootcamp, you’ll realize that you can’t change the screen’s brightness. This is because PCs and monitors and separate units, and the monitors have physical brightness control buttons. On a Mac (being the beautiful machine it is), you won’t find these physical brightness (and contrast) buttons.

Method 1

The first thing you should check is your control panel. In the Start menu, search for Power Options and open the Power Options settings:

Search for "Power Options"

The Power Options Settings Screen

Click on “Change plan settings,” and the majority of people will find brightness options.

In case this method doesn’t work for you, the following back-end method definitely will.

Method 2

In your Start menu, search for “Color Management”:

Search for "Color Management"

The Color Management Settings Screen

Click on the “Advanced” tab:

Color Management Advanced

Then click on “Calibrate Display.”

An almost full-screen window will open with a gray background. Follow the instructions and keep clicking the “Next” button until you see RGB sliders like these:

Default RGB Sliders




Drag each slider to the left. During the process, your monitor will be tinted different colors (blue, red, etc.), but ignore this effect.

Changed RGB Sliders

Once you have dragged each slider fully to the left, you should have a darker, non-tinted screen.

Continue clicking the “Next” button until you complete the calibration process (ignore ClearType tuner).

I hope this method worked for you because it worked for me. If you have additional questions, post a comment! It might help someone else as well.

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