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Tools provided by Scyberia for its visitors.

New Utility: Matrix Solver

Now that I’ve lived through a couple weeks of my Linear Algebra class (it wasn’t actually that bad), I’ve learned all about matrices and how to solve them. My first thought as a Computer Science major was – how can I apply programming to this? And so, behold, a matrix calculator. Its features are quite […]

SWF Downloader Utility

The SWF Downloader Utility is an extremely useful utility that allows you to download embedded Flash files with ease.   All you need to do is enter the URL of the page with the embedded Flash file. The utility can be visited here: SWF Downloader   Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

IP Utility

I have condensed the code for MyIP and moved it from its folder to a single PHP page. The new utility can be visited here: and from now on will be called IP Utility.

Email Extractor Utility

If you’re looking to get all the emails from a webpage (whatever the reason), use this simple utility: It’s a rather simple preg_match_all script and it searches for emails of the following formats: email[at]domain[dot]com email(at)domain(dot)com email at domain dot com Spaces will be deleted and alternatives ([at] for @) will be replaced with […]